When the interviewer is intimidated…

I’ve been intimidated by my interviewees lots of times. I’ve gotten better at it. I can now say, “Here’s what I’m like as a human individual and also as the leader of this team, take it or leave it,” without wanting to throw up or feeling like a fraud.

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Yes or no: Friends with your reports?

The best blanket “rule” we’ve been able to come up with is to be friendly with your direct reports, but not friends. If you can do that, you will stay safely appropriate and satisfied with the relationship. (Have we followed that rule throughout our careers? Absolutely not.)

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10 questions to answer in January

I like that this strategy acts as a January re-set, but it’s not overhauling anything, or starting something from scratch, or rebuilding any processes. It’s just a quick recalibration on the basics.

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