Two questions about productivity

The first: How do I figure out if my report’s lack of productivity is my fault or theirs?

The second: My team is working with a contractor who is spending about three times as long as we all predicted to do his work. The quality of the work is fine, and he’s not missing any deadlines, but he’s burning through hours like crazy. How do I ask him to work faster?

Let’s see if we can answer both of these at once. 

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Reflecting on 100 newsletters

Exactly. Every time we work on a new issue, there are four messages drumming in my skull: You will get better at this. Leave that toxic shit hole. Find someplace good. Do what you mean to be doing. And all those have to work together.

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How to onboard a new hire

These days, we both use a 30/60/90-day framework for onboarding new hires — a document that describes where we want a new hire to be by the end of each month, and what we think it will take to get them there.

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Can Mandatory Fun be fun?

Our biggest advice to managers: you don’t have to host Mandatory Fun. That said, we both really like having fun at work. These are the five questions we ask ourselves when we’re evaluating things that are supposed to be fun.

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Should I quit?

’m a director for a super small company that has some super big accounts, and it’s still run like a small mom-and-pop company. As in: no processes, few resources to help me do my job easier, too many cooks in the kitchen, no accountability, no alignment across the org.

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